Edinburgh League of Gamers

Edinburgh Wargaming and Board Games Club

Edinburgh League of Gamers is a wargaming and board games every Tuesday night from 6pm - 11pm at 25 Nicholson Square Edinburgh.

With a large membership, excellent space to play, great scenery and friendly atmosphere, ELG is a fantastic wargaming venue in the heart of Edinburgh. Providing gamers with a great place to indulge in their hobby, play games, make new friends and mix with like minded people.

Whether you are new to the hobby and curious to find out more about it or have been playing for years and are looking to expand your gaming circle. You will find the Edinburgh League of Gamers to be a very friendly, welcoming club, where we would encourage you to come along and join in the fun. We have gamers ranging across all levels from complete beginners to experienced neck beards, all of which are very accommodating and will be more than happy to chat about the hobby, play some games or introduce you to new games.

Weekly Entry Fee

Your 1st Night is Free
£3 a Night for non-members
£1.50 a Night for members

Games Played at ELG

games of bloodbowl being played at ELG

Our members play a whole range of  different games from Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k, Bolt Action, Blood Bowl, Warmachine, Hordes, Infinity, Star Wars X-Wing, Dystopian Wars, Board Games and much more.

We normally have a few firm favourites such as Warhammer 40k, Warmachine/Hordes and Blood Bowl that always have an active following, although some of our games tend to be a bit more seasonal. Pick up games do go on but we advise that you try and arrange a game in advance to avoid disappointment.

Gaming for older Gamers

edinburgh league of gamers club night

Your first night is always free so you can come along, get a feel for the club, say hi to a few people and chat some hobby. We strongly advise that you join our Facebook group first as it makes it much easier to arrange some games and acts as a good introduction.