ELG is now Closed

It is with much sadness and regret that the members have voted to  close down ELG as of the 1/10/19. The club had been running at a loss for a long time and could no longer afford the rent for the church hall in Nicolson Square. Following the difficulty that we had finding this location from our previous move, the lack of any readily available location to move to that could fully accommodate our club and lack of funds. We made the hard decision to close down the club.

ELG has been a cornerstone of the gaming community in Edinburgh for a long time, hosting many events and providing gamers with a friendly, laid back place to meet and play other gamers. We would like to thank everyone who has attended ELG over the years, the games played and friendships that have been formed shall survive and carry on into the future.

Although it is sad to be disbanding the club, it is our firm hope that other clubs continue to do well, expand and carry the torch for gaming in Edinburgh.

New Clubs

We are aware that a number of people are already looking for alternative options to play games during the week. From the attendance, at the AGM there was a fairly even split with about half the people interested in going along to Ark, a new club that has recently started at St John's Church on Wednesdays and is open to all game systems. With the other group, mainly consisting of Warhammer 40k players intending to start a new club that will be based in Red Dice Games down in Leith on Tuesday nights to play 40k, Kill Team, Warcry and other games in that universe.

That isn't to say those are the only options and I hope you don't limit yourself to only one, we are lucky to have many venues, clubs and groups in Edinburgh open at various times of the week to play our games in.

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