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Gaming in Scotland

At ELG, we are all about supporting the hobby and want to help make it easy to find  good gaming clubs/shops/venues/etc throughout Scotland. As well as help small businesses and commission painters, terrain makers etc to get found. Therefore we decided to create our Gaming in Scotland section where we list all hobby clubs, stores and related businesses.

Click on the sections below to find local gaming clubs, stores and venues near you. If you have a business or club that isn't listed then click the link on the appropriate section, send us an email and we will add it to the list.

Gaming Clubs in Scotland

games of bloodbowl being played at ELG

Gaming clubs are a good place to meet up with like minded individuals and will usually run at least one night a week. They form the basis of any great gaming community, providing you with regular gaming sessions.

Online Community and Blogs


Online is a great way to expand your involvement with the gaming community. Whether your looking for painting tips or just want to discuss the hobby, there are a number of great websites and blogs to join and follow.

Independent Hobby Shops/Stores

independent gaming shops

Looking for somewhere local to pick up new models, try some different games or hang out with friends and roll some dice? A lot of gaming stores usually have space set aside for people to play some games.

Gaming Podcasts


Need something good to listen to while while your working on your gaming projects or busy on the commute to work? There are a lot of good podcasts available to suit everyone's tastes, check out our list of favourites.

Gaming Services and Products

commission services, custom items and peripherals

In need of some commission painting services or looking for a company or supplier that does custom resin bases and other specialist items such as custom templates or dice to really make your collection stand out?

Hobby Related Events


Looking to host a local event? Then make sure you get in touch with us to get it added to our list. It's also a great way to keep track of anything coming up that you might be interested in attending.