Gaming Podcasts


There are a great selection of hobby related podcasts out there that we are more than happy to give our seal of approval.

If you would like your own podcast, or know one that you think should be added to the list then please get in touch. Make sure that you provide a little information about it and let us know what it is about, a bit of background about them and why you think the podcast should be included.

We also request that you let us know if the podcast is family friendly or not, this won't affect it getting listed. We just want to make sure people are aware of what to expect.

Tell us about your favourite podcasts that should be included

Warhammer 40k Podcasts

The Independent Characters

Easily one of the best Warhammer 40k podcasts out there, Carl, Adan, Justin and a selection of guests talk about everything both 40k and 30k related. There are regular interviews with authors from Black Library, Forgeworld and independent business owners within the industry.

Their upbeat attitude towards gaming and positive outlook on the game is infectious and makes for very easy and enjoyable listening.


imperial truth logo

The Imperial Truth

The Imperial Truth covers everything Horus Heresy related from fluff discussions, book reviews, Forgeworld and Horus Heresy news, gaming talk to modeling and painting discussions.

This is a family friendly show where Gregg and Neil deliver regular, fortnightly podcasts with a selection of guests, including Black Library authors, commission painters and more.



eye of horus podcast logo

The Eye of Horus

An Australian based podcast with a focus on everything Horus Heresy, delivering regular episodes (usually about three to four a month).

With regular shout outs for events all over the globe, you can expect these guys to keep you up to date with what's going on news and event wise.


Caledonian Deathwatch Radio

Caledonian Deathwatch Radio

Our podcast is all about Scottish 40k, we talk about loads of topics from hobby stuff, to tournaments, to video games and more! We are marked as explicit purely because we swear on occasion, but other than that its all friendly content.


Bolt Action Podcasts

Home Guard Radio

Home Guard Radio

Run by some of our regulars and friends that frequent 6s2hit, Home Guard Radio is a Bolt Action focused podcast that covers a wide range of topics about the game.

There's roughly about 2 episodes a year but the guys are fun to listen to!