Games at ELG

We play a selection of games at ELG, some are seasonal, others wax and wane depending on what people are playing and a few solid favourites. Below is a selection of our currently popular games.

Guild Ball

Guild Ball has developed quite a following as of late at ELG. We have a number of regulars that take part in our Guild Ball League which runs on the first Wednesday night every month.

star-wars-x-wing-miniatures-gameStar Wars X-Wing

Star Wars X-wing has been quite a popular game at ELG since it first launched and has a good number of regular players .

WHAS-logoWarhammer Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar has been growing in popularity at ELG and seems to be a good few people that really enjoy it.  It's still currently gathering steam and there is the odd game every Wednesday night. However, our weekend tournaments tend to fill up in record time, so keep an eye out for them if it's something your interested in.

warhammer-40000-logo-1Warhammer 40,000

For a long time Warhammer 40,000 was the most popular game at ELG. With regular campaigns, tournaments and events going on semi-regularly. Interest has faded a little as of late but there are still a good number of people with 40k armies that are more than happy to play.

Bolt-Action-final-600x283Bolt Action

Easily the favourite World War II era game at ELG. Bolt Action has a decent following with a good number of regular players.


Infinity is currently the fastest growing game at ELG, it's free rule set and small squad based gameplay has attracted quite a following on Wednesday club nights. You usually won't have any trouble finding a  pick up game most nights due to the recent popularity

Blood_Bowl_2009_LogoBlood Bowl

Blood Bowl has remained a popular game at ELG over the years with regular tournaments, leagues and events getting held at the club both on club nights and over the occasional weekend. If your interested in taking part then it's best to find out when these are running beforehand and get in touch with the organisers.