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From here you will be able to keep up with all of the related goings on and happenings at the club involving Guild Ball.

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GB-OP Guild Ball League Table

Team Coach Games Played League Points Campaign Points VP Differential Favours (Total/Remaining) Current Sponsorship Loaned Players Unlocked Plot Cards
The Leith Lionfishes (Fishermen) Neil Peckett 1 3 5 4 1/
Steak Me Out (Butchers) Pasha Korniyenko 1 3 20 12 1/ Tough Meat, Slick With Blood
Dead Moet Society (Morticians) Calum Todd 1 0 5 -12 3/
Straight 'N' True (Masons) Chris White 1 0 -4 3/
Smoked (Alchemists) Malcolm Green 1 0 3/
Imma Brewin' (Brewers) Joe Taylor 1 3
Drop Dead Gorgeous (Morticians) Dave McIlhinney 1 0
Screw You And The Horse You Rode In On (Masons) Jon Pugh 1
Flasking For It (Alchemists) Greame Davidson 3
United Steaks (Butchers) Trev Moffat 1