ELG’s Guild Ball Big League is here!

Guild Ball

Ladies and gentlemen of the Free Cities, I give you the ELG’s very own Guild Ball Big League!

That’s right, from the very first moment you read this to the end of 2016, we will be running a Guild Ball casual gaming league using the Big League rules. That means plenty of bloodshed, goals, backstabbing, and dodgy deals as standard! Here are the coaches and their respective teams:

Team – Coaches

The Leith Lionfishes (Fishermen) – Neil Peckett
Steak Me Out (Butchers) – Pasha Korniyenko
Dead Moet Society (Morticians) – Calum Todd
Straight ‘N’ True (Masons) – Chris White
Smoked (Alchemists) – Malcolm Green
Imma Brewin’ (Brewers) – Joe Taylor
Drop Dead Gorgeous (Morticians) – Dave McIlhinney
Flasking For It (Alchemists) – Greame Davidson
United Steaks (Union) – Trev Moffat

The Big League is already well on its way with the coaches getting their initial games in. To remind you what’s at stake here:

League Champion – The coach that accrues the most League Points during the course of the campaign is declared the League Champion and is the overall winner of The Big League. To win in this way takes great skill
and an ability to play Guild Ball on the pitch, as well as a modicum of good fortune along the way.

Master Strategos – The coach that accrues the most Campaign Points during the course of the campaign is declared the Master Strategos. To win this title takes a combination of planning, cunning and a very
ruthless streak.

Master of Shadows – The coach that spends the most Favours during the campaign is declared the Master of Shadows. To earn this accolade takes dedication, tight negotiation skills and an eye for opportunity.

Stay tuned for more updates in the near future as we see how they’re getting on. For up-to-date League info, check out the full forum page.


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