We’re Back!

we're back!

Like the Primarch Vulkan returning from the apparent grave, we’re back! And with a brand new website to boot! Courtesy of Fatcat Media.

The Big Changes

First of all, the most noticeable change is the updated logo and branding. Ten years since the clubs’ creation and due to no version of the old files existing anywhere that could be easily edited, at least without painstakingly remaking them (I know because I had to do it before with the previous incarnation of the site was also then lost to the warp). We decided to take the executive decision to update it, something that had been brought up previously. We wanted to keep the new logo true to it’s roots and draw some inspiration from the original. You can see them both side by side below.

elg old logoelg new logo

In addition to the branding update, the biggest change is that our blog is no longer on the front page of the website. This is due to the fact that we wanted the home page to have more of a focus on the club itself and provide a good introduction to our Edinburgh based club. The aim was to present new visitors vital information, such as who we are, when we meet and where, without them having to dig around for it.

Going Forward, Empowering and Growing the Community

empowering the community

Moving forward, we want our new blog and website to become a valuable resource of hobby related information. We plan to expand the site to include segments on local businesses and hobby related services.

Consequently, we will also be looking to include a range of hobby based articles covering all sorts of subjects from news and upcoming events, battle reports, fan theories and reviews to guest posts and articles. Please make sure to get in touch if your interested in getting involved, have something you with to promote or want to suggest a potential topic that could be covered.

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Nick Brigg

Nice update guys, taking the website back towards how we had it when i was caretaker ;P if your wanting an article about terrain making just drop me a line i’m still around just more busy recently being a daddy.
My blog is still up and going by the way: terrain4cake.com so if your new caretaker needs inspiration or chew over terrain design with someone just point him my way ;D