Meet the Team

The Cogs that keep ELG Turning

Much like the Genestealer Cults that exist in Warhammer 40k, the ELG committee works behind the scenes, ensuring that everything runs to plan and that we are all eventually absorbed into the Hive Mind.

Joe - Chairman

The Club Chairman is responsible for liaising with the hall manager and ensuring that good relations are maintained. It falls to them to set the agenda for club committee meetings as well as the annual AGM. They are also expected to provide an assisting presence to other members on the committee, helping out where they can.

It is the Chairman's responsibility to ensure that tasks and goals set down in committee meetings are achieved. They are also responsible for representing the club externally by liaising with other clubs, businesses and organisations.

Joe - Club Chairman


Dan - Caretaker

It's the Caretaker's job to ensure that all of the clubs' equipment is kept in good order. This includes the delegation of setting up and taking everything down each club night, as well as ensuring the hall is left in a suitable manor. This is one aspect that no one likes to do but many hands make light work. If you turn up early or leave late spend a few minutes helping out with the tables.

One of the more fun aspects of the role is being responsible for the club's terrain, checking for any signs of wear and tear and taking appropriate action to fix or replace them. It is also the caretaker's role to decide what terrain boxes need to be rearranged to give them a new lease of life. It also falls to them to decide what terrain gets brought down each week, depending on what games are currently popular. The club's caretaker usually has the best idea and majority say into what new terrain and equipment is needed.

Calum - Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary is responsible for keeping a record of the annual club memberships, ensuring that they are up to date and any fees are paid. It falls to them to ensure that member's contact details are up to date and to liaise with members about the club's needs. They are also responsible for updating the weekly door rota and ensuring and producing the sign in sheet.

The best part of the role is in taking the lead in advertising the club, carrying out membership drives and recruiting events. They are also usually responsible for creating and sending out the club's Newsletter, working closely with the Events Coordinator and Chairman. Additionally they are also required to organise and plan the purchase of any membership related items such as badges, clothing, branded dice etc.

Calum - club membership secretary



Dale - club treasurer


Dale - Treasurer

The Treasurer is in charge of all the club's shiny shinies! It falls to them to manage the club's finances, ensuring that all funds are used in accordance with club rules and in the best interest of the club's members. The Treasurer is also responsible for cashing up at the end of club meetings, managing the club's accounts and carrying out an annual audit.

It falls to them to liaise with the hall manager when it comes to booking and paying for events. At the AGM the Treasurer is responsible for reporting to the member's on the club's financial health.


Craig - Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator is responsible for planning out, as well as assisting members with running and promoting any events that are held at the club. This includes campaigns, tournaments and games days both on club nights and at weekends. Additionally they are also responsible for arranging outside events such as cinema evenings, paint-balling outings etc.

They are also responsible for ensuring the club notice board is kept up to date, the website has regular updates and that the club newsletter contains relevant and upcoming information.

Craig - Events Coordinator





Chris - Digital Media Manager

While not an official committee role, this is still an important one that is carried out as more of a supporting position. The role involves managing the club's online accounts across Facebook, Google, Twitter and Email, ensuring other committee members have access to them.

It also requires a bit of technical support, ensuring that the website is up and running, fixing any issues and updating it accordingly.